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Productivity Evaluation

What is Productivity Evaluation?

QBS Productivity Evaluation improves organizational effectiveness by benchmarking existing services against recommended solutions to improve costs.

With our proactive attention to evolving requirements, adoption of innovative technologies and our ability to consolidate services, we create operational efficiencies that ultimately result in cost savings for each service category, ensuring our clients consistently enjoy best-in-class service.

Our operational knowledge and application of industry-standard cleaning times will substantiate that the current workforce is in agreement with specified workloads. We analyze cleaning specifications, examine opportunities and standardize cleaning routines congruent with the Local 32BJ Union Contract.

Productivity evaluation
Cost vs. advantage analysis


  • Quality Assurance
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Service Excellence
  • Upgraded Competencies and Development of Personnel
  • Financial Benefits/Cost Savings
  • Ensuring Compliance/Industry Best Practices