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Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

An important component of our overall solution is our Emergency Response Plan (ERP). We provide a self-performance model which enables us to deploy the necessary emergency resources of our company-owned specialized equipment and multi-skilled labor with expert supervision to effectively address any incident.

Emergency Response trucks
Flood Vacuum
Sucked up water leads easily into the toilet to be discarded

Your Personal Hazard Mitigation Team

QBS is your first line of defense, and we are ready and equipped to mitigate hazards caused by fires, floods, water damage and more.

Your Hazard Mitigation Team is accessible 24/7 within minutes from all locations we service.

We are experts at stabilizing the environment following a water loss. We will commence operations by quickly assessing the situation in order to deploy the right team of experts and equipment to begin the water removal and extraction process. We will place high-velocity airflow equipment to evaporate any remaining moisture. Dehumidification equipment will then be optimally placed to reduce the likelihood of mold growth, followed by disinfection and sanitization of all affected areas.

Post-fire or smoke clean up requires expert care to ensure soot, ash, and smoke damage are safely removed. QBS has a team of professionals ready to safely clean and deodorize affected areas reducing smoke odors in surrounding walls, carpet, furniture, or upholstery.

QBS is truly local with immediate access to supplies and equipment to mitigate any hazard 24/7/365. QBS’ Hazard Mitigation Team is expertly trained and follows CDC protocols for clean-up and remediation.